HOFFL 2014 Playoffs Week 2

The season is nearly over, and this week was exciting sets the stage for an interesting final week.

Playoff week 2 winner bracket review:

#1 @dan_kuykendall vs #7 @dmk1492 (100.18 to 93.94)

This week we had an NTO vs NTO matchup. As the number one seed I was the easy favorite, but given the way Dmitriy rolled over @BillyAustintx ‘s #2 team in the first round of the playoffs, I was worried. It turned out that I had plenty to worry about, because I was one mouse-click from losing! On Sunday morning it was announced that San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews would be out with an ankle injury. Lucky for me, Dmitriy did not notice this while on vacation, and he did not swap in his Colts running back, Daniel Herron. Had he done so, he would have an extra 7.20 points, which would have been enough to give him a one point lead and the victory!

It should never been that close, but several players on my team had terrible weeks, and I was only saved by the studly Odell Beckham Jr. As a side note, that same Odell crushed me in my church league where I was also the #1 seed and ended up losing to the #8 seed. Fantasy football can be so cruel at times.

#3 @glumdragonfly vs #4 @ashimmy (64.00 to 72.78)

These teams looked very evenly matched and I said it would be a toss up, and it was. Like in the previous game, the score was close, but this time both teams did terrible! Alan Shimel just did a little less terrible and snuck away with the win. Kenny suffered the fate of so many fantasy football players this week, to have the misfortune of being in the playoffs when Aaron Rodgers has his worst fantasy game of his entire career. Ouch!

3rd place Preview: #3 @glumdragonfly vs #7 @dmk1492

Both of these teams were newcomers to the league and did amazingly well, and both were a hair away from the championship game. Both teams also have the potential to outscore the championship teams this week, but for all that, they will only win 3rd place. I have a feeling that Dmitriy is in trouble because Aaron Rodgers is pissed about last week and is going to take out his frustrations on the terrible Tampa Bay Bucs.

Good luck guys!

Championship Preview: #1 @dan_kuykendall vs #4 @ashimmy

It has come to this… the final against my buddy Alan Shimel!
I am not taking any comfort in his score from last past week, because it was a fluke. He has had 5 weeks with 130 points or more, and has some tremendous play makers on this team. His QB, Andrew Luck, is a monster and has had 4 weeks with 40+ points and only one week with less than 20! My QB, Philip Rivers has never gone above 36 points, and has had 6 weeks with less than 17 points. Alan has an advantage with his RB’s, but I have a killers row of WR’s (O. Beckham Jr, Megatron, Randall Cobb) and Gronk at TE. This week can hinge entirely on whether or not DeMarco Murray is held out because of his hand injury surgery, which would mean I can start Joseph Randle to strengthen my RB lineup.

Sorry Shimey, but your going down!!


Playoff week 2 consolidation games:

#2 @billyaustintx vs #8 @mattjay (84.52 to 82.22)

The closest game of the week nearly saw Billy lose to the worst playoff team after losing the next to worst last week. Matt should have won, but I think he gave up on his season when he left Andre Johnson (out with concussion) in his starting line up and leaving Antonio Brown on his bench. Those extra 14.30 points that should have been, would have given the bearded one a shot at 5th place. Billy crushed the league all last season, and all this season he rode the Peyton Manning freight train to great results… up till the playoff weeks when Peyton decided his arm was tired and it was easier to just hand the ball to CJ Anderson. In any case, Billy eked out the win and has a shot at 5th place.

#5 @joesanders02 vs #6 @frenchdc (126.50 to 73.12)

Joe had the highest score of the week, but it only earns him a shot at 7th place. I am fortunate that last week Drew Brees played so terribly, and Jeremy Hill waited an extra week to show how much better he is than Giovani, otherwise I would have faced Joe this week and gotten crushed. David’s team just sort of fizzled. There was no key player that failed… its was just a shared under-achievement by his team that left him unable to compete. Farewell David!

5th place Preview: #2 @billyaustintx vs #5 @joesanders02

Billy is in trouble. Peyton isn’t playing well, and its possible that DeMarco Murray will be out, which leaves Billy with long odds against Joe this week. Joe is stacked with players that need to win this week, and Drew Brees, Colston and Graham are going to put up points against Atlanta, and Jeremy Hill is looking unstoppable.

Good luck to you both.

7th place Preview: #6 @frenchdc vs #8 @mattjay

I call this one for David. WhiteHat looks like they will have to settle with just being happy to make the playoffs, kind of like the Bengals do every year.


Check back next week for the final wrap up, and my gloating or whining based on the results.

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  1. OK Dan I have made some last minute roster pickups like a championship manager should. I wish you luck but am feeling really good about my chances. My team has been practicing well all week ;-) Speak to you Sunday!

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