phpGroupWare is a fully featured, web based messaging, collaboration and enterprise management platform.

phpGroupWare comes with over 50 applications that can be mixed and matched according to your needs. Some of the most powerful features we offer include:

  • Contacts management
  • Email
  • Shared calendar
  • Web content and document management and sharing
  • Project management
  • Issues tracking

All this is freely downloadable.

phpGroupWare is free/open source software – which means the software can be modified to suit your specific needs.

At the core of phpGroupWare is our advanced Application Programming Interface (API) which allows you to build and deploy your own web based applications quickly and easily. Our API easily supports multiple database backends, permissions and access controls, user interface generation and multiple languages.

phpGroupWare is flexible and scalable. It is suitable for small groups of people and large organisations. phpGroupWare is international – we currently support over 20 languages. Around the world tens of thousands of people use phpGroupWare every day.

phpGroupWare is a GNU Package.

phpGroupWare is out

Submitted by ‘Caeies’ 07-Jul-2010 – 04:56 am

We have fixed some minor bugs in this last release.

It seems that under some conditions Addressbook was unusable. We have fixed a problem for the demo setup hosted by opencms.

All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. Grab phpGroupWare from our download page now!

Thank you for your support !

phpGroupWare is out

Submitted by ‘Caeies’ 12-May-2010 – 05:06 am

We have fixed some security issues (CVE-2010-0403) and (CVE-2010-0404) pointed out by VUPEN Security as well as some php5 compatibility issues in this new release.

All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. Grab phpGroupWare from our download page now!

Thank you for your support !

phpGroupWare is out

Submitted by ‘Caeies’ 26-Mar-2010 – 03:04 pm

After some rework of the svn repository, the release is out !

We have fixed some security issues (CVE-2009-4416) and some php5 compatibility issues in this new release.

All users are encouraged to upgrade. Grab phpGroupWare from our download page now!

Thank you for your support !

phpGroupWare is out

Submitted by ‘Caeies’ 24-Mar-2010 – 05:09 am

Due to corrupted images files, tarballs are being regenerated, sorry for the inconvenience

We have fixed some security issues (CVE-2009-4416) and some php5 compatibility issues in this new release.

All users are encouraged to upgrade. Grab phpGroupWare from our download page now!

Special announcement : Due to lack of time and power man, we are looking for people wanting to maintain this old branch (first release is almost 7 year old !). The actual dev team is waiting for new devs on the svn trunk !
Please contact us on the phpGroupWare-developers list here
Thanks for your support !

0.9.18 edges closer

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 22-May-2008 – 04:52 pm

After 4 years phpGroupWare has started to prepare for a new major release. It has been decided that On 1 June 2008 the trunk of SVN will be branched to create the 0.9.18 release.

The first release from the branch will be a developer alpha of the core which will be designed to give developers some idea of what is coming in the new release. We hope that any bugs will be found and fixed quickly and this will allow us to create our first beta. The rest of the release schedule will be dependent on how testing and stabilising goes.

For more information please refer to the discussion on the developers list.

phpGroupWare is out

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 14-Aug-2007 – 05:20 am

We recently became are of a cross site scripting exploit in the phpsysinfo module in phpGroupWare (CVE-2007-4048). This has been fixed in the release.

There have been a lot of other bug fixes along the way too. Our support for PHP 5 has improved too.

All users are encouraged to upgrade. Grab phpGroupWare from our download page now!

Summer of Code

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 20-Mar-2007 – 03:11 pm

phpGroupWare has been accepted as a mentoring organisation for Google’s Summer of Code Program. For more information, check out our summer of code page

phpGroupWare websites get a facelift

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 08-Mar-2007 – 05:57 am

The phpGroupWare websites have received a much needed facelift. New content is on its way too.

Stay tuned for more news about the progress of the rollout

Patch now available for PHP 5.2 datetime class conflict

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 26-Dec-2006 – 02:33 am

User’s wishing to run phpGroupWare with PHP 5.2 can now do so.

phpGroupWare conference a success

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 21-Nov-2006 – 08:21 pm

From November 6 to 8, up to 15 phpGroupWare contributors and users met in Paris. The conference was an overwhelming success. During the 3 days contributors discussed ways of improving the project, community and product.

Although the current phpGroupWare community is a healthy and lively one, we are aware of some areas were we could improve. Several new contributors attended the conference who expressed an interest in helping to build the project. In the coming weeks more resources should become available for people wanting to contribute. The processes for becoming involved will be documented, along with information on developing and maintaining modules.

There was a lot of discussion on the code base. The discussions did not commit to a firm release plan, rather we agreed to release HEAD (aka 0.9.18) when it is ready. A 0.9.18 release roadmap will be published in the coming weeks after further discussion on the developers’ list.

Several users attended the third day of the conference – the dedicated user day. During this day there were presentations on various phpGroupWare applications and how they are used within organisations. Users were given opportunities to tell developers what they thought about the project and how we could improve.

The conference ended on a postive note with a broad vision for the future of the project being presented to attendees, followed by drinks and dinner. Although it was close to midnight when people headed off for the evening, the discussions around the table were up beat and focused on the future of the project.

A detailed summary of each session will be provided at conference site as material becomes available.

Conference Registrations Open

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 27-Sep-2006 – 06:09 pm

We are proud to announce that conference registrations have opened!

We have tried to keep prices as low as possible to offer value for money while covering our expenses. The 3 day programme will cater to developers, administrators and managers in both French and English.

The pricing is as follows:

  • Professionals – 100EUR
  • Hobbyists – 50EUR
  • Students / Unemployed – 20 EUR

Places are limited, so best book early. In order to ensure everyone is able to participate, Day 1 and 2 developer days are limited to 20 people, while the 3rd day for administrators, managers and developers is limited to 50 people.

Sign up Now!

Several developers are staying at Hotel Les Jardins d’Alesia, which is about 1km (just over half a mile) from the conference venue and is very reasonably priced.

Hope to see you there

Conference Programme Released

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 21-Sep-2006 – 03:32 pm

The programme for phpGroupWare Conference Paris 2006 has been released. We have packed a lot into the 3 days.

Check it out on the conference site.

Software Freedom Day 2006 Reports

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 16-Sep-2006 – 06:07 pm

Several phpGroupWare developers took part in Software Freedom Day events. phpGroupWare was well received by people.

In Melbourne, Dave Hall attended the SFD Bazaar, where he gave away dozens of copies of phpGroupWare CDs with the release and XAMPP. Dave was interviewed by Channel 31, community television, where he spoke about his business, phpGroupWare and other FOSS projects. We hope to post a copy of the story when it is available.

phpGroupWare Security and Bug Fix Release is out

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 31-Aug-2006 – 04:37 am

A security vulnerability has been discovered in phpGW < We were not given a heads up before it was published.

The exploit is in the holiday code in calendar. It can only be exploited with register_globals = on and gpc_magic_quotes = off.

The advisory can be found at FrSIRT

There is code which exploits the vulnerability in the wild – see milw0rm.

All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately.

You can grab the new version from our download section.

Or update from cvs
$ cd /path/to/phpgroupware
$ cvs update -dP

In addition to the security issue above, this release fixes support for MySQL4.1+ and pgsql 8. Support for php5 has been improved too, php5 should now work with zend.ze1_compatibility_mode on.

When grabbing your update, consider attending the phpGroupWare Conference Paris 2006.

The phpGroupWare Crew

Conference website launched

Submitted by ‘skwashd’ 26-Aug-2006 – 06:49 am

The conference website is up and running.

We are in the process of finalising some details, then we will be opening registrations.

We are still looking for sponsors, if you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please email us at

See the site for more information, it is (mostly) bilingual