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Surviving the Week 9/7/12

September 8, 2012 Dan Kuykendall 0

A Number of Exploits Including SQL Injection, XSS, and Authentication Bypass This week, researchers found some remarkable vulnerabilities including Remote code execution, SQL Injection, and […]

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Surviving the Week 7/13/12

July 14, 2012 Dan Kuykendall 0

Nvidia developer forums had been hacked, 400,000 user account compromised. More games with “Who’s got the biggest bounty?”  400,000 is fairly respectable.  Remember back in […]

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Surviving the Week 07/06/2012

July 7, 2012 Dan Kuykendall 0

Huge SQL injection knowledge base NTObjectives released a SQL Injection cheat sheet which can be found at, A more comprehensive knowledge base of SQL injection […]