Surviving the Week 12/21/12

HTML5 Definition Complete, W3C Moves to Interoperability Testing and Performance

html5 i am the future i am the browser

The 5th revision of HTML is regarded as the future of web markup language. The long awaited specs for HTML5 have been finalized. This week, W3C published the complete definition of the HTML5 and Canvas 2D specifications. –

Multiple Vulnerabilities During the Week

Joomla ZtAutoLink Local File Inclusion –
Kiwi Syslog Web Access 1.4.4 SQL Injection –
Free Hosting Manager 2.0.2 Cross Site Scripting –
Banana Dance B.2.6 Inclusion / Access Control / SQL Injection –
Elite Bulletin Board 2.1.21 SQL Injection –
Drupal Core 6.x / 7.x Access Bypass / Code Execution –
SurgeFTP Remote Command Execution –
Cerberus FTP Server Cross Site Scripting –
TWiki 5.1.2 Command Execution –
D-Link DCS-9xx Password Disclosure –
Centreon 2.3.x SQL Injection –
phpwcms Remote Code Execution –

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