Hosted by Dan Kuykendall, co-CEO and CTO at NT OBJECTives, Inc.

Man s WebApp (formerly Mighty Seek) is primarily a podcast about Web Application Security and Development. The show is put together by Dan Kuykendall and whoever else he can get to contribute.

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Dan Kuykendall BIO

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Professional Career:
As co-CEO/CTO at NT OBJECTives, Inc., Dan Kuykendall focuses on new threats and attack automation strategies for all aspects of Web application/services security.
Prior to joining NT OBJECTives, Mr. Kuykendall worked as a Web Application Software Engineer at Foundstone where he developed a web application for managing the FoundScan network scanning software. During this time Mr. Kuykendall was responsible for securing the web application from exploit from the outside and in its communication with the scanning engine.
Mr. Kuykendall previously worked at one of the top 20 European financial institutions as a Network Engineer and part of its emerging Network Security Team. As part of his duties he was responsible for managing and securing a mixed network of Novell, Microsoft and Tandem servers and mainframes, conducting setup, maintenance and security audits.

Community Career:
Dan Kuykendall is very active in the podcasting and open source communities and has contributed to many projects over the last 7 years. Here are some of the highlights.
The Mighty Seek Podcast: A podcast that discusses all the issues involving web application security and development.
podPress: The dream plugin for podcasting with WordPress.
phpGroupware: Dan was the co-creator of the project and was the project leader for several years, during which time he built up a development team around the project that consisted of as many as 30+ developers. 6 years later the project is still going and Dan continues to contribute as time allows. phpGroupware is a web based groupware suite that is included with all major distributions of Linux.
RPM Builder: Dan created the first Graphical Interface to creating linux RPM packages. This tool would take the standard slackware style tar.gz and allow the user to easily convert this into a compliant RPM package. RPM Builder was included with Redhat Linux until Dan stopped maintaining it.

Qmail: Dan has contributed work in doc writing and tech support around Qmail, VMailMGR and related services.
PodcastAlley.com: Not an open source project, but certainly a community site. Dan contributed to the efforts on that site to provide users and podcasters with useful services to the new Podcasting Community.

Personal Life:
Dan is 39 years old, and happily married with two children.

How to pronounce Kuykendall
First of all it is actually spelled with umlauts over the y, Kuÿkendall. This makes it sound more like Kirkendall or ‘kirk en dahl’. Here’s a funny post about the great mystery.