HOFFL 2014 Playoffs Week 1

This season of the Hackers Only Fantasy Football League (HOFFL) has been great. We have had some crazy results and many surprises throughout the season. The regular season is over, so its time to give a summary of how the season went as well as covering the first week of the playoffs.

Season and playoff week 1 review:

12th place (2-11): I am surprised by the decline of @SecBarbie this season. Last year, she squeaked into the playoffs as the 8th place team and lost in the first round against the eventual league winner @BillyAustintx. This year she came in last place with only two wins. Ouch!

11th place (3-10): Newcommer, Ken Pfeil tried hard to secure the last place record by closing out the season on a 7 loss streak, but it wasn’t enough to catch up (down?) to @SecBarbie and he ended the season with one more win than her.

10th place (4-9): Sadly, my good buddy Micheal Farnum (@m1a1vet) ended well below last years 4th place record where he made it all the way to the semifinals. Despite having Tom Brady and Dez Bryant on his team, he just seemed to have terrible luck all season with several close losses. Maybe next year buddy.

9th place (4-9): Despite having two managers, @Patrick_Adam and @LCarsten couldn’t help but to follow their fellow Texan to the bottom. Last year, the Hash Crackers ended as the 3rd place team after beating Farnum in the final week, but now they couldn’t even get to the playoff’s.

8th place (6-7): The newcomer with the best beard, @MattJay, did well for himself to make it to the playoffs. Despite drafting a decent team, his players just failed him. On top of that, he had the misfortune of having his best week of the season in week 8 when he faced me, and still lost 126.30-149.98. At least he has the best beard, no doubt because he uses the best beard oil.

Playoff week 1: As the last place team to make it to the playoffs, he had to face the first place team (yep, thats me) in an epic NTO vs WhiteHat showdown. His team couldn’t take the heat, and he went down to defeat! GO GO NTO!

7th place (6-7): Another NTO’er joined the league this season, and despite having almost no football watching experience, did very well. Dmitriy (@dmk1492) started strong with an exceptional draft, then proceeded to have a wacky win-loss-win-loss-win-loss season. He made some crazy roster changes and pickups that I questioned and recommended against, only to have his picks work out amazingly for him. He even scraped out a win against me in week 9! I wasn’t too happy about that! Arg!

Playoff week 1: His record placed him against the 2nd place team and last seasons king, @BillyAustintx. As the heavy underdog he pulled off the biggest shocker of the season by wiping the floor with Billy in a 159.88-77.62 blow out of the week!!! Wow… wow… wow. This is fortunate for me, as I was worried about playing Billy in the finals. However, Dmitriy faces me for week 2 and I can only hope he will resume his win-loss-win-loss pattern. GO GO NTO!

6th place (7-6): As with last season @frenchdc hung well in the middle of the pack and had another winning season, in large part due to an easy final schedule where he faced the 3 last place teams.

Playoff week 1: Misfortune befell David with his paring in the first week where he had the 3rd highest scoring team of the week, but his opponent had the 2nd highest score. Bummer.

5th place (8-5): Another newcomer with a strong season is @JoeSanders02 who helped to show that I was able to find some good new players this season. The most memorable week for him was week 8 where he won with an insanely narrow margin of 118.84 – 118.78 on poor Ken’s best score of the season.

Playoff week 1: Sadly Joe had his worst score of the season and the 2nd worst from any team all season, with only 51.90 points. Good luck against David in week twos consolidation bracket.

4th place (9-4): Once again @ashimmy is among the leaders and only dropped one spot from last seasons 3rd place for the regular season. He was well served by Andrew Luck, Jamaal Charles and Emmanuel Sanders… monster team.

Playoff week 1: Unlike last season where Alan was ousted in week one of the playoffs, he did not score well, but up against Joe’s terrible score Alan is moving on to the semi-finals against a dangerous Kenny as the 3rd & 4th place teams do battle.

3rd place (9-4): Now for the final and best newcomer, we have @glumdragonfly aka Kenny. Apparently he is not only a great web app sec guy, but no slouch at fantasy football! Kenny was rolling strong during the end of the season winning 7 out of 8 final games. That one loss was a narrow loss against my dominate team.

Playoff week 1: Kenny had the 2nd highest scoring team in the first week to help him roll over David. As previously mentioned, he faces Alan Shimmy this week in a toss up match. Good luck to you both!

2nd place (10-3): Last seasons king, @BillyAustintx was rolling strong once again, with Peyton Manning and Julius Thomas helping him dominate most weeks. Billy and I faced off twice this season with Billy winning the first, and me winning the second. We had a tied record but I had a higher total points for the season.

Playoff week 1: I had fully expected (with dread) to face Billy in the fantasy super bowl, but no one could have guessed that Peyton Manning and Julius Thomas would have their worst week of the season, dragging down Billy into the consolation bracket. Nice work Dmitriy!

1st place (10-3): Yours truly @dan_kuykendall is the comeback of the year winner!!! After the humiliating 11th place finish last season in the league I started, I have returned the world its proper order. My wide receiver core of Calvin Johnson, Randall Cobb and Odell Beckham Jr had fun with my TE Gronk to slice and dice my way to the top of the ranks. I will note that I had a shocking loss to Dmitriy in week 9… which is a concern.

Playoff week 1: As expected I had an easy win against @MattJay (GO GO NTO!), but I did not have the kind of score that I will need going forward. For week 2, I am matched up against the surprisingly dangerous Dmitriy who beat me in week 9, as I mention, and who served up a smack down to Billy last week. Wish me luck!

[Tip for Dmitriy, maybe you should bench Le’Veon Bell this week when you play against your boss]

Well, its been a fun season and I hope you all stay tuned to find out how the season ends.

For those in the league and following the season, I hope to see you all at RSA 2015!

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