HOFFL 2014 Championship

The season is finally over! 12 managers entered, 16 weeks later one emerged as the champion.

This year’s champion dominated the season and entered the playoff’s as the #1 team with 10 wins and only 3 losses. He won the season by making bold moves on the waiver wire, with 40 transactions and ending the season with only four of his original 15 drafted players! His pickup of Odell Beckham Jr proved to be the critical pickup that carried him through the playoffs to become champion of the 2014 Hackers Only – Fantasy Football League!

I announce your CHAMPION…………….. DAN KUYKENDALL!!! <roar of the crowd/>

Championship Game Review: #1 @dan_kuykendall vs #4 @ashimmy (124.36 to 101.26)

The final game looked like more of a blow out than it really was. Even after Alan Shimel made some smart last minute roster changes, he really lost due to “bad Luck”, with his QB.  Andrew Luck had the worse game of his career and so insanely out of character that it has been called “the worst fantasy performance ever” by Matthew Berry. Andrew Luck has averaged 31.82 points per game, but Luck-ily for me only had 2.36 this week. Had Luck put up an average week Alan would have been walking home with the trophy!
Btw, in my last weeks post I talked about my concerns with QB Philip Rivers as a big concern, so I ended up benching Rivers after all these weeks of suffering his low point games, only to have him earn the most points for the entire season!

Fantasy Football, ultimate game of “what ifs” – Dan Kuykendall

In any case, I am the champ! I am redeemed from my terrible 11th place finish from last season, and now I am the CHAMP! GO GO NTO!

3rd place Review: #3 @glumdragonfly vs #7 @dmk1492 (70.32 to 112.14)

Dmitriy went all Beast Mode on Kenny!! Despite having two of his players put up ZERO points, Dmitriy could have beaten Kenny with ZERO points from four more of his players. Last week I predicted that Aaron Rodgers would take out his frustration over last weeks performance out on the terrible Tampa Bay Bucs. The problem was that the Bucs didnt fight back, and eventually Rodgers didn’t have to play hard to beat them. In addition to that, Kenny made some bad roster choices and just fell flat.

Dmitriy, congrats on being this seasons best newcoming! GO GO NTO!

5th place Review: #2 @billyaustintx vs #5 @joesand (87.54 to 88.22)

Billy lived by the Peyton and has died by the Peyton! Newcomer Joe has defeated last seasons champ by a super narrow 0.68 points. This match up was decided during the Sunday night game between the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals. Joe’s Defense was picking off Peyton repeatedly, and Jeremy Hill was on fire. I thought the game was going to turn against Joe when Hill fumbled, but it did little to slow down the points he was racking up. In the final minutes, it looked like Peyton would drive down the field to secure a win for Denver and Billy, but it was not to be. Peyton threw a terrible final pick six that cemented the loss for Denver this week, and the same for Billy.

What drama!

7th place Review: #6 @frenchdc vs #8 @mattjay (145.66 to 107.02)

As predicted, David walked all over Matt Jo. In fact I am fortunate that David had such a bad matchup in the first round of the playoff’s because he was this weeks highest scoring team. Matt put up a respectable score and went out fighting. The mismatch was most highlighted by each teams QB spot, with David having Seahawk  Russell Wilson who decided to act like his teammate and go Beast Mode on the unfortunate Arizona Cardinals.

Season Review

This has been a great season! I have really enjoyed the banter this year, and hope that next year we can add more teams and get more twitter discussion during the season. I am sad the season is over, and can only console myself with the anticipation of whats looking to be a wild and crazy NFL playoff battle in the weeks ahead.

I will be working on details for the RSA meet up, and will make sure everyone knows the time and location so we can share drinks and stories about the season. I will also be at AppSec California, so reach out if your going to be there.

For now I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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