OWASP Top 10 List Maturing – Evidenced by Minor Changes

June 21, 2013 Dan Kuykendall 1

The OWASP Top 10 list is well known as the industry standard for what matters in web security. The list, which ranks the most critical risks organizations face through their web applications, was recently updated. The 2013 Top 10 Listfeatures some incremental but noteworthy changes that point to the project’s maturity.

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WAF != Firewall

September 1, 2011 Dan Kuykendall 3

A “Web Application Firewall” is not a “Firewall”! Why are “Web Application Firewall’s” (WAF’s) called “Firewalls”? I think the term firewall was initially used by vendors […]

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Universal PDF XSS

January 7, 2007 Dan Kuykendall 0

Cross Site scripting attacks are getting even more dangerous these days, and exploitable in many new creative ways. I will be discussing this issue in […]