HouSecCon 2011 and B-Sides ATL Review

Last week was a travel week.
On Wednesday I was in Austin for some meetings, then headed to Houston for the second annual HouSecCon on Thursday. I have to say that I was blown away at how much bigger and better it was than last year (with the exception of the badges ;). My buddy Michael Farnum puts this thing on with a team of friends and they are doing an amazing job growing the event, and it was fun having a booth for NT OBJECTives and everyone loved our new shirts we were giving out.

This year MJ Keith (now with The Denim Group) was the keynote speaker. I was first introduced to MJ Keith at last years HouSecCon where he blew me away with his Bump hack in his “Pwn on the go!” talk, and I was glad to see him being given the headlining spot this year.

The talks were all great, with highlights from Michael Gough, Josh Sokol and Zac Hinkel. I did my “Not your granddad’s webapp” talk which seemed to go over well, if you missed it, you can watch the video.

On Friday I was in Atlanta for B-Sides Atlanta, which was a fun event. I didnt have as much time to sit in the talks, but the lockpick room was great and I tried to hang in the podcasters room, even though it was a little hard to engage in useful conversation. I wonder what it was like for those listening to the live stream.I didnt do a talk at this one, so I just spent my time meeting people and eating great southern food.

Comparing the two would be hard, because they were entirely different, so I will just say that I have a fun week at both cons and look forward to both next year.

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  1. Yes the shirts are awesome! It was nice meeting you Dan and talking to you and Kim at your booth.

    For emphasis, the shirt rocks.

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