Surviving the Week – 02/17/2012

The NTO team keeps growing and the demands of running the business and supporting our customers is keeping me busy… and its a blast. But now its good to be getting back to these weekly postings.

On to the news, so I can help keep you all informed about the important news in web app security.

  • Will a standardized system for verifying Web identity ever catch on? – Maybe the question is “Do we even want a standardized system for verifying Web Identity?” I for one see stuff like this everyday, and if the FBI’s site can be hacked, who is going to promise the security of OpenID? It will just become the single place an attacker has to attack to get access to everyone’s confidential/private data.
  • CSRF with upload – XHR-L2, HTML5 and Cookie replay – XHR-Level 2 calls embedded in an HTML5 browser can open a cross domain socket and deliver an HTTP request. Cross-domain calls will abide by CORS, but browsers end up  generating preflight requests to check policy and based on that, will allow cookie replay. Interestingly, multi-part/form-data requests will go through without the preflight check and “withCredentials” allow cookie replay. This is how some new cutting edge attacks are going to be performed.
  • Vote Now! Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2011 – This is an incredibly useful survey that they do each year. So, please vote to help the community get an idea of what is interesting and important to you.
  • Twitter Enables HTTPS By Default – As sites like Google, Facebook and now Twitter start pushing all traffic to HTTPS, I fear that users will mistake this for real security. “Oh, I can put all my information on Facebook/Twitter/etc now because they are ‘secure’. See there is even a little padlock icon in my browser when I go to those sites, just like the bank.” – FAIL
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