An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 03 for 2012

Today’s show is Michael interviewing Kevin Riggins. Kevin is an Enterprise Security Architect for a Fortune 500 financial services company. Kevin and Michael have some great conversation about Kevin’s job, what he is doing at RSA, where he blogs, the book he coauthored, etc. (look below in the show notes for links to everything).

Then a fun discussion starts about cloud, risk, mobility, risk in the cloud, risk in mobility, risk of mobility integrated with the cloud, and so on. Good stuff all around.

Here’s some links to stuff about Kevin and other stuff we talked about in the show.

  • Management Team Member for the Society of Information Risk Analysis – link
  • Coauthor on The Cloud Security Rules – link
  • Kevin blogs at Infosecramblings – link
  • Twitter pages – link and link and link
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