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We are now in the middle of week 4, but I want to catch everyone up on whats been happening. HO-FFL-Logo

First of all, I am currently ranked 10th in our 12 team league. Wow, that’s embarrassing! Fortunately for me its early in the season and I am going to win my matchup this week, which will jump me up in the rankings a bit.

Week 1) I got off to a good start as I crushed my opponent @frenchdc and expected the trend to continue. However the best team in week 1 was @billyaustintx who was our first top scoring team and earned the first $10 prize.

Week 2) This week I faced Chad @ChadCollins10 and expected an easy win which I was projected to get. However as it goes with fantasy football, you never know… Chad had Julio Jones who had a monster game, and I had 3 players from the 49ers who bombed out. Between Kaepernick, Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis I got 13.75 (big ouch) and Chad nearly doubled my score. This week’s top scoring team was Spicy Thai Peanuts (@spicythaipeanut) as he beat the Has Crackers,

Week 3) Once again I go down to defeat because of the 49ers imploding. I sadly lost by a mere 3 points  to @SecBarbie. We both had a bad week, but mine was just slightly worse. At this point I have now dropped to 10th place. Our top scoring team of the week is Drew’s Whamtastic. Congrats One other interesting fact at this point is that @ChadCollins10 team False Positives is the top ranked team, yet has not won any money yet from being the top or 2nd best point earner for the week. I guess he is playing the slow steady game to make sure he wins the league trophy prize.

Week 4) We are now in the middle of week 4, and we have one game left for Monday Night Football. From the looks of it, I should win my week and can at least move up to the middle of the pack. I have alot of work to do to make sure I make it to the playoffs and then have structured a winning team this season!

Good luck everyone. I’m having fun and I hope those that are playing it are having fun, as well as those watching the league.


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