HO-FFL 2013 Wrap up


The season is over! It was fun to play with all that participated and I got to have some fun conversations about football & the week by week activity that took place. I am looking forward to our meetup at RSA. I am planning out a time & location and will have those details soon.

2013 Season Final Standings

  1. Billy’s Team – Billy Austin (@billyaustintx) from iScan Online
  2. False Positives – Chad Collins (@ChadCollins10) from uTest
  3. Hash Crackers – Lee Carsten (@lcarsten) & Patrick from the Denim Group
  4. Tomball Cowboys – Michael Farnum (@m1a1vet) from Accuvant
  5. Megatron – David French (@frenchdc) from Risk I/O
  6. boca steelers – Alan Shimel (@ashimmy) from The CISO Group along with his blogging & writing.
  7. Spicy Thai Peanuts – Brandon Spruth (@spicythaipeanut) from Morningstar
  8. brb…. Football 0x2 – Erin Jacobs aka “Security Barbie” (@SecBarbie) from Urbane Security
  9. Whamtastic – Joseph “Drew” Miller from Hewlett-Packard
  10. The Spearmint Rhinos – Gus Fritschie (@gfritschie) from SeNet International
  11. Mighty Hackers – Dan Kuykendall (@dan_kuykendall) from NT OBJECTives.
  12. Max’s Majestic Team – Max Dalziel @conciseonline) from Concise Online

Yes, you read that right… I ended up in 11th place. Ouch. In every other league I played in this year, I did pretty well, except this one. In this one, I stunk. Plain and simple…. just terrible. My one redemption was that I did have a chance to beat a couple buddies, David (twice), Brandon and Lee & Patrick. Downside was losing to Michael during the weekend after HouSecCon when I did my trash talking to him in person :/

Billy Austin just cleaned up. He had the most highest scoring weeks (5) and a couple second highest scoring weeks, which earned him $60, plus as league champ he earned another $60 for a $120 total plus all bragging rights.

I almost pulled Max’s team from him, because he left the team on auto-pilot and left bye-week players in his starting lineup a couple times. However, on week 8 with his QB on bye week, he still managed to get a win over Gus! Then on week 9 he left 2 bye week WR’s and a kicker on his starting lineup and still beat Drew!! He then got his 3rd and final win over ME in week 10 with no RB’s and no TE!!! (they were on bye or IR). Next season I will have a rule for this.

There was a big screw-up on my part that really limited the season for most of the teams. I did not setup the playoff schedule properly, so there was no consolation bracket, and so the top 8 teams entered playoff and seasons ended for everyone else. That was unintended and will be corrected for next season.

All in all, it was a fun experience and I look forward to next season. In the meantime I will be cheering on the 49ers as they make their way back to the Superbowl!!!


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