An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 06-2011

A lot of discussion in this episode. And what is more funny is Dan actually cuts Jim off on a subject. Yes, you heard it right. The famous “Web Security Minute Turned to 20 Minutes” Dan makes Jim stop talking. I guess the end of the world IS here!

Oh, and Dan leads us into the Land of Many Links with his Clickjacking story.

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update –

  • HouSecCon 2011 update – Registration is open – Link Here
  • PCI Physical badging Gap – Link Here
  • Using Mario against us (evil) – Link Here
  • FUD article of the day – Half of lost/stolen mobile device have sensitive info on them – Link Here
  • Defining appropriate Cyber Attack response, A.K.A Eat my cruise missile you Commie, Pinko hacker! – Link Here
  • Clickjacking, Cookiejacking oh my! – Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3 / Link 4
  • Can you have too much security? – Link Here

Geek Toys –

Discussion Topic – Five Infamous Database Breaches So Far In 2011 – Link Here

Music Notes:

Special Thanks to the guys at RivetHead for use of their tracks –

Tour dates:

  • July 9 – with Powderburn, Earthrot, and more – Tomcats West in Fort Worth, TX
  • July 24 – with Creeper, Phantom X, and more – Oriley’s in Dallas, TX

Intro – RivetHead – “Stirring It Up Again”
News Bed – RivetHead – “Beautiful Disaster”
Discussion Bed – RivetHead – “Difference”
Outro – RivetHead – “Zero Gravity”

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