2014 HOFFL Mid-season Update

We are about mid-season into this years Hackers Only Fantasy Football League (HOFFL) and its time to give everyone an update. Unlike last year when I did terrible and ended the season in 11th place (out of 12), I have been kicking butt and in 1st place for the last 3 weeks. Lets run through the standings


1st place (5-1): Your not-so-humble leaders is the one and only Dan Kuykendall (@dan_kuykendall) from NT OBJECTives. I started with a draft day ranking of #8, but have made several waiver moves that have paid off well and my hard work has me riding a 5 week winning streak.

2nd place (5-1): No surprise here, that last years winner Billy Austin (@billyaustintx) from iScanOnline is following insanely close at 2nd place with the same 5-1 record and 0.86 less points earned (I am at 691.14 and he is 690.28!).

3rd place (5-1): Alan Shimel (@ashimmy) from The CISO Group, who has been riding the Andrew Luck freight train is doing well and could easily win against any team in the league.

4th place (5-1): In 4th place we have my co-panelist at this weeks Hou.Sec.Con, Mr. Matt Johansen (@mattjay) from WhiteHat Security who has luckily scraped by some super close wins (one by 0.18 points). However, a win is a win, and hes marching trying to win the league.

We then have several 3-3 teams

5th place (3-3): NTO‘s own Dmitriy Kashitsyn (@dmk1492) who ignored my advice in week 5 and as a result secured a win against the Denim Group duo.

6th place (3-3): Kenny Herold (@glumdragonfly) has an incredibly consistent win-loss-win-loss-win-loss-win-loss record

7th place (3-3): My buddy David French (@frenchdc) from Risk I/O who drafted very well, only to have all his top picks become total flops this season.

8th place (3-3): Newcomer Kenneth Pfeil’s team cant stay consistent. Some weeks hes one of the top teams, and the next hes terrible. Ahhh the joys of fantasy football!

9th place (2-4): Proving that 2 heads are not better than 1! Lee Carsten (@lcarsten) and Patrick (@patrick_adam) from the Denim group seem to have some of the worst luck that resulted in some painful losses.

10th place (2-4): Joe Sanders (@joesanders02) better pick up the pace of wins or his hopes of sneaking into the playoffs

Finally the winless teams!.

11th place (0-6): Finally pulling out of last place is Ms. Erin (@SecBarbie) from UrbaneSec. SecBarbie has had awful misfortunes from the draft to each weeks match-up. I hope she wins this week as she faces Alan Shimel’s team.

12th place (0-6): I am not sure what to say here. My buddy Michael Farnum from HP (@m1a1vet) is doing everything wrong. Hes gotta step up his game, and when I see him tomorrow I plan to remind him of that early and often!

Well, there you have it folks! I hope your enjoying your own fantasy football leagues as much as we are!


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