Web Security On Cell Phones

I have been noticing how quick my friends are about grabbing their iPhones/Smartphones when we are discussing something. They dont hessitate to pull up whatever site the search engine indicates may answer a question or even pull up some security site on their phone.

These same users are paranoids on their desktop, with top antivirus/malware tools, browser plugins like noscript and so forth. They “know” about security, but something about smartphones turn off this logic and safe browsing practices go out the window.

From what I can see most malware these days are delivered via web browser attacks and email. Its only a matter of time for the web and email attacks to be targetted at your smartphone. A device that has firmware that rarely if ever will be updated once a security problem is found. Its fertile ground… be aware.

Heres a brief article bring up the same issue http://www.securitypronews.com/insiderreports/insider/spn-49-20090819SmartphoneUsersTakeWebThreatsLightly.html

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