Survivng the Week 6/22/2012

10 Vulnerable Web Applications You Can Play With

There are number of vulnerable web applications to be discoverd.  Many times we are asked for known vulnerable web applications that can be used for self training or for scan tool evaluation. You can use your existing scanner on these applications and try NTOSpider against vulnerable applications to find the difference between scanners. Contact us for an evaluation of NTOSpider. A good list of 10 vulnerable application can be found at –

We also have an online application where you can alst test against –

Pro Clan Manager version 0.4.2 suffer from administrative bypass and shell upload vulnerabilities.

Pro Clan Manager is a framework which can be used to develop international content management system dedicated to helping Clans. A high risk vulnerability has been discovered in Pro Clan Manager which allows an attacker to execute commands on the server.

Member Sues LinkedIn for $5 Million over Hack

Last week, we posted about the LinkedIn password compromise. A LinkedIn member has posted a lawsuit against LinkedIn for $5 Million for the loss of his password. Test your application with NTOSpider to discover vulnerabilities and help protect your company against possible lawsuits..

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