Fantasy Football League 2013


This was the first season for the league, and it got off to a fun start.

News & Updates

  • 12/23/13: The championship has been decided! Congrats to Billy Austin from iScan Online for being the league champ as well as the team with the a highest scoring for 6 out of 13 weeks. Billy dominated the league this year! 2nd place went to Chad Collins from uTest, and 3rd place to Lee Carsten & Patrick from the Denim Group. See the full payout schedule
  • 12/2/13: The regular season has ended! This is earlier than initially planned because I made some incorrect settings as the commish. As a result I will be adjusting the payout schedule.
  • 9/11/13: The first week is over. See the payouts!
  • 8/26/13: Draft: August 30th at 6:00pm EST / 3:00pm PST (TONIGHT)


During AppSec USA 2013, I presented “Revenge of the Geeks: Hacking Fantasy Football Sports Sites“. While I enjoy hacking fantasy football apps, I also enjoy playing the game. Knowing that most geeks have various interested I have started this league. If your interested in joining the league, please contact me (@dan_kuykendall).

2013 Team Managers

Manager Twitter Team Name Role Winnings
Billy Austin @billyaustintx Billy’s Team Manager $120
Alan Shimel @ashimmy Boca Steelers Manager $5
Brandon Spruth @spicythaipeanut Spicy Thai Peanuts Manager $20
Chad Collins @ChadCollins10 False Positives Manager $40
Dan Kuykendall @dan_kuykendall Mighty Hackers Manager $10
David French @frenchdc Megatron Manager $15
Erin “SecurityBarbie” @SecBarbie brb…. Football 0x2 Manager $10
Gus Fritschie @gfritschie The Spearmint Rhinos Manager $10
Joseph “Drew” Miller unavailable Whamtastic Manager $35
Lee Carsten @lcarsten Hash Crackers Manager $35
Patrick Adams @patrick_adam Hash Crackers Co-Manager
Max Dalziel @conciseonline Max’s Majestic Team Manager $0
Michael Farnum @m1a1vet Tomball Cowboys Manager $0


I think the season went well, but was too quiet in the forums. For the 2014 season I plan to amp up the conversation and the gatherings at the conferences.

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