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Welcome to the HO-FFL!

The Hackers Only – Fantasy Football League (HO-FFL) is a fun way to spend time getting to know others in the info-sec community, while competing, trash talking, and hopefully making a little money during the football season.

The league is close to starting for the 2015 season! If you are interested in joining the league, contact me on Twitter @dan_kuykendall ASAP!

News & Updates

  • 9/26/15: Getting ready for the 2015 season! Draft is currently scheduled for Friday September 9th, 2015 at 2pm PST


During AppSec USA 2013, I presented “Revenge of the Geeks: Hacking Fantasy Football Sports Sites“. While I enjoy hacking fantasy football apps, I also enjoy playing the game. Knowing that most geeks have various interested I have started this league. If your interested in joining the league, please contact me (@dan_kuykendall).

Social Fun

  • Have a blast playing against fellow security pros and enjoying the banter and rivalry that fantasy football brings out in everyone that plays it.
  • Win a little money, but more importantly, win bragging rights!
  • Post-season gathering to be held during RSA in San Francisco (Details to follow)
  • Conferences Dan will be attending & speaking at this year:
    • List coming soon

2015 Team Managers

Manager Company Twitter Team Name Role Winnings
Dan Kuykendall Rapid7 @dan_kuykendall Mighty Hackers Manager $

2014 Season – Teams & Payouts

2013 Season – Teams & Payouts

League Rules

  • Hosted on: Yahoo Fantasy Football platform –
  • Joining: Only members of the Information Security/Hacker community allowed. If your interested in managing a team, fire a tweet at @dan_kuykendall to let me know. I reserve all rights to approve/deny all team managers.
  • Buy in: $25. This might get increased in future years as we get a good group going
  • Payouts: Every week, the top 2 scoring teams will earn money. Highest score of the week earns $10, 2nd highest score earns $5. There will be no tiebreakers if more than one team has an identical score. If necessary, tie scores will be divided evenly.
  • Draft: Live Standard Draft. Date to be determined. (Tentatively set for Fri Aug 30 12:00pm PDT)
  • Team: 12 Teams. 15 Players per team (10 Starters/6 Bench)
    • QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR
  • Scoring Type: Head-to-Head. The regular season is now Week 1 thru Week 14.
    • During mid/post season gathering you are required to buy a (1) drink for any manager you lost a head-to head matchup against.
  • Playoffs: Take place during Week 15, 16 & 17. The top eight teams will compete in the championship tournament. The bottom four will enjoy the consolation tournament. Championship Tournament Winner earns $45. In the event of a head-to-head tie during the season or playoffs, we will resort to the Yahoo! Fantasy Football tiebreaker default.
  • Waiver: All unowned players will be placed on waivers at the scheduled start time of their game and made available sometime after 11:59pm on Tuesday. Waiver order is worst record to best record. A mandatory 2-day period is required for a players to clear waivers.
  • Trades: A 2-day period is in place to allow managers to review all trades. A minimum of 4 votes are required to veto any trade.
  • Funny business: Common fantasy rules apply. No intentional losing or collusion allowed.
  • Hacking: No hacking of the league allowed!
  • Update: Due to a mistake in the league setup, the playoffs started & ended a week early. There was also no consolation bracket, which was a major bummer. I adjusted the payouts to account for the left over cash from the early ending. 1st place gets $60, 2nd place gets $30 and 3rd place gets $15.

Crash course on Fantasy Football

Each player gets to be a general managers of virtual teams built from real NFL players. Each week the players earn points based on how well they contribute in the real NFL game.

Playing starts with a draft where each team manager picks their players. After the draft It requires a minimum of effort each week to make sure you replace out bad player, injured players, or players who have the week off (bye-week). You can also swap out bad players for ones that are not taken by other teams (free agents on waiver), or make trades with other teams.

Each week the teams are matched up and compete head to head for points and the team with more points wins. The win/loss record adds up all season to determine which teams make it into the playoffs and eventually who wins league for the season.

Here is a great writeup with more details –

FF Tips & Info

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